EVERLIGHT Electronics is a Taiwanese company which manufactures the highest number of LEDs in the world.
The company was founded in 1983, has been leading manufacturer of innovative LEDs for more than 30 years and major player in the global industry, their products has been adopted by a number of users in Japanese market.
In the recent years, EVERLIGHT is focusing on developing opto-electronic device such as infrared LEDs, photodiodes, photo transistors, photo couplers and photo interrupters.
EVERLIGHT offers various package products which are used in wide range of fields and available to customize products as per customer’s needs.
Please consider EVERLIGHT products with excellent cost and high quality.



EPISTAR Corporation is a one of the world’s largest LED Chip manufacturer.
EPISTAR was established in 1996, located in the Hsinchu Science-based Industrial Park in Taiwan.
Since its company foundation, EPISTAR has continued to grow as has been merging with competitors such as UEC, EPITECH and HUGA, the present EPISTAR Group holds several hundred of MOCVD apparatuses for growing LED crystals.
Therefore, the number of production LED chips is unique in the world especially high bright AlGaInP LED chips has immobile top position in the market share. , EPISTAR has recently developed and line-up products with wavelength 660nm and 730nm for the plant growth, 850nm and 940nm as high power infrared LED chip.
Please consider EPISTAR




EVERVISION is a specialized LCD and LCM manufacturer offering customized TN, HTN, STN and VA technology, the company belongs to EVERLIGHT Group.
The company is expanding market share in Taiwan; with monochrome LCD being top of Taiwanese market share, and its products have been sold to a number of Japanese users.
Founded in Taiwan in 1998, there are two production bases in Dongguan and Kunshan, China.
In 2003, EVERVISION acquired EPSON’s Taichung factory and supplying in-house liquid crystal mask with advanced techniques.
The main products line up are LCD panel with TN, HTN, STN and FSTN technology for monochrome products and LCD modules with COB, COF, COG and TAB technology. Furthermore, supplying some TFT modules and touch-panel products.
EVERVISION can offer flexible service such as supplying from few lots to customized product, from the first sketch to the final completed product at EVERVISION own factory, thus it can offer reasonable price to suit customer’s needs .


LED Driver-Macroblock


MACROBLOCK is a leading LED driver provider, founded in 1999, Hsinchu, Taiwan.
MACROBLOCK focuses on the LED driver design which contribute to ultimate LED performance for LED display, backlighting and lighting applications and has developed the world’s first 16-bit PWM embedded LED driver which was applied at 2008 Beijing Olympics opening ceremony and Shanghai Expo.
MACROBLOCK approaches quality improvement incessantly and is increasing world’s market share, it has been successfully marketed not only to Japanese users but also over 500 worldwide customers with their trust.
MACROBLOCK continues to develop products be able to help competitiveness of customers in the fields of LED display, LED lighting, LED signs, traffic signs, outdoor illumination, amusement and backlighting.